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I heard that that particular diesel has some kind of weakness, but every vehicle does. A so called 4×4 with 1 legged axles better buy a winch and mud boots cuz if they get out much they’ll need them both [ask me how I know] ever since I went to the 44s my winch is mostly for looks but I have had to get out and un-spool the winch with all four wheels digging graves. Used it for a move with an MA1, and learned the hard way why the military only authorized towing an M I’ll be redoing the 3-tone NATO pattern, soon. Military jeeps had add on fording kits that put the exhaust and intake at roof level, and being gas they had a rubber boot for the distributor and the oil and differential vents went to the highest point under the body and hood for the front. Yep, it is mine. That’s when we discovered that the 4 wheel drive didn’t even work. I dont have one, but thought i might be able to help.

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Where can I get one and for how much.

Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle

Military In the Middle East. I found that my weather stripping was torn up very badly. I have a 86 M,its aggravating finding parts but loads of fun driving and best mpg I’ve ever had! You want to be the epitome of the rugged individualist?

I wish modern vehicles were a little more practicle, a 4×4 is not supposed to be a luxurey vehicle. They have become more rare, but deals still can be had. Do you want a vehicle that features no complicated computers and electronics and still has the old round air filter housing that sits on top of the engine with a little butterfly nut instead of the goofy air canister casings that are off to the side and out of the way in the engine compartment found on modern cars?


Speaking of soot; the 6. This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is dily on a few things. What is a M? Every vehicle I’ve had I found myself scoffing at all the unnecessary “stuff” in it. They were equipped ,1009 front wheel disc brakes and rear wheel drums. Results 1 to 10 of Just last night I dreamed of my KLR, a good motorcycle but always in the shop for something costing me loads of money. You’re right, there’s enough info to write another hub. LMC has good weather seal info on their website.

Alot if you’re poor and a pittance if your rich.

What have ya all done to your M?

Glow plug cards; the only electronic engine related component onboard, are known to fail. I’ll have to get some pictures scanned, it was a cab and chassis with a wheel base set for a 14ft bed and I built the bed and a tool box that was tall enough to set a sleeper that was being made at the time. There’s a nice M posted in Austin Texas dialy Craigslist.

What have ya all done to your M? I1a1man, that is really cool! Also the lightest CUCV at 5, lbs depending on options. I was cursing my head off with my driver side door swinging from a tree limb by way of ratched strap. Those things accelerated like nothing else, I am still impressed to this day.

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You can also try state auctions and Ebay comes up with some good deals – but you’ll have to be patient. I’ll be redoing the 3-tone NATO pattern, soon. It would be great to just get in one filled with supplies and just take off! I spoke with an Amazon representative yeah right and they mumbled something about “hazardous waste issues,” yet surprisingly, size mattered not if you use their Yoda shipping deal. Why is it the minimum wage goes up barely three times what it was in the 90’s but the cost of living quadruples?

In addition to the reinforced tow hooks attached to the front eaily back of the M optimal for Chevy maintenance intervals, the standard non-turbo diesel engine is an ideal platform for bio-diesel or veggie oil conversions.

I’ve seen decent ones online for much cheaper and I would say for an ’84 with miles, anywhere from to dollars if it’s in great shape – but these are just guesses at this point.

I towed my hunting jeeps with a big 1 ton diesel so 70 miles an hour over 55 could be done on the main highways and a quieter less jarring trip could be done. I love my M He said he wasn’t walking, and ask did I think I could make it.