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Well that’s the pictures of the packaging over with and now onto what’s in the box and setting it up. There no shortages of new motherboards on the market today, that offer very high levels of integration. As you have read in the feature list and can see in the above diagram, this board has everything an end user needs, for a solid foundation to a new system. This Board is one of the few boards I’ve seen recently to include jumpers to set it up, initially it is set up to run at MHz FSB, this is fine if you have a B type or MHz FSB Athlon to fit in the board but if not then you will need to adjust the jumpers to MHz, this proves somewhat tricky as the Diagram in the manual is somewhat difficult to read and is actually kind of upside down, the instructions for setting up are also printed on the motherboard and they are easier to follow, the ones in the manual are basically upside down, the picture below shows the problem. By, Tom Laverriere April 20,

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Lenovo Yoga C Laptop Review: Well that’s the board running at default speeds, it performs very well on par with other KTA boards, now lets see how it performs for some overclocking action O: Intel Z Motherboard Round-Up: A Convertible Built For Business.

The manual gets most of the salient points across, it reminds you to fit a heatsink on the CPU before you try to use it this is also backed up by a big sticker covering the socket on the motherboard which says the same thing, Tbirds can burn up in under 10 seconds so this is a very useful reminder, just in case your in one of those forgetful moods, when you build your computer, the sticker is shown below.


This chipset is feature-rich and offers many goodies from Dual Channel DDR support to 6 channel audio support. Included in the box are the usual IDE cables and floppy cables, and there should have been a thermal probe which was unfortunately missing on the sample I got, the thermal probe would be handy for monitoring graphics cards temperatures and other key parts of the motherboard, but unfortunately the editor misplaced them O:.

Once I had windows up and running it was time for some benchmarks. Lenovo Smart Display Review: Click to find out more.

Review: Soltek SLKAV – Mainboard –

Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t the kind of product that flashes its exterior, but has nothing under the hood. Reviews News Blogs Shop. If you’re building a new system from scratch, the list can get pretty long and expensive.

Flash Memory for easy upgrade. Here are a few shots of what sort of memory performance this board can get, the screenshots below are animated gifs wait for the image to load up and it should rotate to a new image after a second or two. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to shorten that list and take some of the crunch off your wallet?

To increase the scores for the game benchmarks overclocking the graphics card would do the trick, but as I’m looking at the motherboard performance here I’ve left that part alone. Motherboard – check, graphics card – check, sound card – check, ethernet card – check With the default BIOS settings the memory benchmarks are rather weak to say the least but this is the norm with all Via KT chipsets until you start to tweak the settings, luckily Soltek included some features in the BIOS to enable much better performance.


Soltek SL-K8TPro Specs – CNET

What could possibly shorten that list? Other heatsinks use better retention clips which are easier to fit. Here’s Sandra to start with.

Well that’s the pictures of the packaging over with and now onto what’s in the box and setting it up.

Notice the lack of a fan on the Northbridge, just a large green heatsink as shown below. Totally Cool Cans For Gamers.

As well soltel the hardware Soltek also supply some useful software, The CD included called Power Bonus Pack Includes Symantec, Winfax, Antivirus and Ghost, which is a very useful utility to allow you to clone a backup image of your hard drive, that can be restored in a few minutes, this is definitely a useful piece of software.

I decided to forgo overclocking for a while and did a fresh install of Windows, this went smoothly, I left the onboard sound enabled, so no PCI slots where used. On-board 6-channel AC’97 Audio Function.

Soltek SL-75MRN-L “Golden Flame” Motherboard Review

As you can see from the results above the board runs 3DMark just fine the default score at MHz is just short of points, this is a pretty reasonable score, the results dip as the resolution goes up, as the Geforce 2 Ultra becomes a soltem, this is just as you would expect.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: Show comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Dolby Vision And Atmos Deliver. ATX Form Factor mm x mm.

You need everything in there and then some, don’t you?

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